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Campbell’s Lobbying Ottawa on Retaliatory Tariffs

Posted March 04, 2019

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Marco Vigliotti – iPolitics)

Soup-making giant Campbell’s is lobbying Ottawa on retaliatory tariffs levelled against the U.S. and possible opportunities to “mitigate costs.”

Leslie Noble, Andrew Steele and Erik De Lorenzi of StrategyCorp filed three separate registrations late last month outlining their intentions to lobby federally on behalf of the Campbell Company of Canada, the American firm’s Canadian offshoot.

The identical registrations, all dated Feb. 22, say the lobbyists intend to inform federal officials of the “impact of various reciprocal and retaliatory tariffs and assessment of opportunities to mitigate costs.”

Canada slapped tariffs against a wide range of products from the U.S. in response to duties on the country’s steel and aluminum exports. The selected items were specifically designed to maximize political pressure on the Trump administration to withdraw its tariffs. Click here to read more.