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Canada Claiming ‘Special Relationship’ with India’s Narendra Modi

Posted April 14, 2015

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Nahlah Ayed – CBC News)

Narendra Modi is the first world leader to visit Canada since the newly elected Barack Obama six years ago to be described as a “rock star.”

His scheduled landing in Ottawa on Tuesday will also be his first visit to Canada as India’s prime minister, and yes, the first by anyone with that title since the 1970s. But describing Modi’s visit as a “first” of any kind belies the surprisingly intimate relationship with Canada that he’s coming to nurture.

You have to look back nearly a decade to see evidence of what officials describe as a pre-existing “special” relationship with Canada. Insiders relish telling the story of this rare example of a Canadian “in” with a world leader whom others have only belatedly come to woo. Click here to read more.

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