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Canada-EU Trade Deal Faces More Tinkering

Posted May 08, 2015

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Anca Gurzu – Macleans)

The Conservative government’s much-touted trade deal with the European Union is set to quietly undergo changes over the next months, sources say, and that could push back the agreement’s final implementation.

At issue are existing investment-protection provisions in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which are likely to be revised due to opposition from civil society groups and various political factions in the EU. The move raises concerns about delays in inking the final signature on a deal that, twice before, has been celebrated as complete. Any delays are not likely to sit well with the ruling federal Tories, who are gearing for a fall election, observers say.

The bump in the road stems from the EU’s controversial trade talks with the United States, called the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). A point of contention has been the so-called investor-state dispute-settlement mechanism, or ISDS. That provision gives corporations the right to seek compensation from states through international tribunals if government policies hurt their business interests. Click here to read more.