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Canada Has the Potential to be an Agri-Food Superpower

(Dr. Donald Buckingham – iPolitics)

When you look at your dinner plate, what do you see? Most of us see nutrition or energy, or sometimes even a connection to beauty, taste, culture and family.

But that’s only one minor end point of a global system that provides more food to more people than ever before, and is generating new, high-paying jobs here in Canada.

Moreover, Canadian and global agriculture occupies more land, and has a larger environmental and carbon impact, than many other sectors.

Agriculture is one area (in Canada and globally) where a mutually beneficial economic, social and environmental future must be defined and executed. Canada can, and should, be fully engaged in that important task — but doing so will require us to reverse how we define problems and solutions.

Canada has the potential to be an agri-food superpower: We can — and must, one could argue — use this almost unique power for good. We currently export more protein and nutrition per capita than almost every other country. We are the only major agri-food-exporting country that’s improving its natural capital, e.g., soil matter, water resources, and the natural ecosystem in farming areas. And Canada is forecast to be uniquely positioned to sustain productivity in the face of even extreme climatic changes. Click here to read more.