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Canada Making Two Proposals in a Test of Whether NAFTA Talks Have Any Hope

Posted January 25, 2018

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Alexander Panetta & Mike Blanchfield – Canadian Press)

Canada is about to put forward two sets of proposals at the NAFTA negotiations seen as a litmus test of whether these talks become a real give-and-take negotiation, or a deadlocked process defined by intractable differences.

It could be clearer by weekend.

Canada intends to make its first two significant counter-proposals on controversial topics, responding several months after the U.S. stunned its neighbours with a series of demands Canada and Mexico viewed as non-starters.

Sources say the Canadians will suggest major changes to auto rules, and to the dispute-resolution system under Chapter 11. While the U.S. has requested far tougher auto-parts rules, and a far weaker Chapter 11, the Canadians will suggest creating entirely new systems. Click here to read more.

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