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Canada-South Korea Trade Deal Gives Both Countries a Global Boost

(Len Edwards – Globe & Mail)

Len Edwards is a former Canadian Ambassador to South Korea and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. He currently co-chairs the non-governmental Canada-Korea Forum, and is a Distinguished Fellow at both the Center for International Governance Innovation and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

The state visit to Canada by President Park Geun-hye on Sept. 20-22 inaugurates a major new chapter in Canada’s 50 year relationship with South Korea, headlined by the signature of the Canada-Korea free-trade agreement completed earlier this year.

While the CKFTA’s direct economic benefits will be significant, and properly celebrated by both governments, its indirect impact should not be overlooked, politically re-energizing interest and activity in other areas of relations and underpinning a stronger strategic partnership between two of the world’s important second-tier powers. Read more here.