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Canada-U.S. Trade Relations: What’s Next for the Pivotal Partnership?

Posted April 29, 2015

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Laura Dawson – Globe & Mail)

Despite some bumps, Canada-U.S. economic relations are looking up. Even as deals like the Canada-India free-trade agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership grab the headlines, the real bedrock of the economy rests on our trade with the United States. […]

Canada exports more to the United States in three days than it sells to India in a whole year. We need to keep our eye on the real prize.

As a mature, integrated economy, the advances that we make in our trade relationship tend to be at the margins, but these marginal gains mean a lot. The U.S. economic recovery is pushing demand for Canadian products. Goods exports to the United States are up 36% from 2010 to more than $400-billion in 2014. Services exports have increased by nearly 20% during the same period to more than $51-billion. The importance of the U.S. economy to Canada is clear. Click here to read more.