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Canada Won’t Stop Fakes from Going to U.S.

(Stephanie Levitz – MetroNews)

The federal industry minister is dismissing the United States’ request that Canada’s proposed anti-counterfeiting laws also help keep fakes out of their country. The laws are for Canadians, James Moore told a Senate committee Thursday.

“The idea Canada would act as a customs agent for the United States is, frankly, not something that’s on the table,” Moore said. “The scope of this is protecting Canadians and the Canadian domestic market.”

Bill C-8, the Combating Counterfeit Products Act, is aimed at stopping the estimated $38 million worth of fake goods flowing into the Canadian market every year by beefing up the powers border agents have to stop them, among other things. But the law only allows them to stop parcels intended for sale or distribution in Canada – not those just passing through. That’s what has the U.S. upset. Read more here.