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Canadian Pacific Wants to Limit Shipments of Dangerous Goods

Posted March 05, 2015

Under Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Eric Atkins – Globe & Mail)

Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. wants the power to refuse to haul dangerous goods, a signal it has grown weary of the risks and regulations that accompany the business of hauling oil.

The country’s second-largest rail company says it wants an overhaul of the so-called common carrier obligations of the Canada Transportation Act that require railways to haul any and all legal goods in rail cars that meet safety standards.

CP CEO Hunter Harrison has touted the railway’s safety record as rail companies have faced criticism over several recent derailments and explosions. But Mr. Harrison said CP’s board of directors, concerned about the company’s liability and the potential dangers faced by the public in the event of a derailment, has decided it no longer wants to haul some dangerous goods, but was given legal advice that it had no choice. Click here to read more.