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Cargo Security Project was Almost Killed Early Due to Lack of Value

(Canadian Press)

A cargo-security pilot project run in Montreal as part of the new Canada-U.S. border pact was almost cancelled early because there was “little value” in continuing, an internal memo reveals.

The marine-to-highway project began in January 2013 with the aim of easing the entry of cargo into the United States through the Port of Montreal. The idea involved the customs services of the two countries working more closely to eliminate duplication under the notion of “cleared once, accepted twice.” [...]

Details of the difficulties were withheld from release. But border services agency spokeswoman Wendy Atkin indicated one concern was the lack of cargo traffic headed to the U.S. by truck. “Most containers left the Port of Montreal by rail and therefore were considered out of the pilot’s scope,” Atkin said in an emailed response to questions. Click here to read more.