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Changes to the Electronic Commerce Unit and the Technical Support Unit

Posted January 16, 2015

Under Canadian Customs Issues


With the recent internal realignment of the Electronic Commerce Unit (ECU) and the Technical Support Unit (TSU), please note our new unit name is now the Technical Commercial Client Unit (TCCU). This change will be seamless to clients and we will continue to strive to deliver the high level client support that our clients are accustomed to. 

Effective immediately, our new email address is All inquiries and/or applications should be sent to this email address. We have implemented an auto-forward on both of our previous email addresses for the next 90 days, however all responses to questions and queries will be sent from our new mailbox.

Our office location has recently changed as well, and with that, so has our mailing address and our fax number. Our new fax number is 343-291-5482. All applications should be sent to this fax number. Effective immediately, all Bar Code samples must be sent to the following address for testing:

Bar Code Testing
Technical Commercial Client Unit
Program Business System Integration, Programs Branch 
Canada Border Services Agency
355 River Road, West Tower, #6066, Ottawa (ON) K1A 0L1

We would also like to take this opportunity to advise the eManifest portal clients that there will be a change in the number tracking system for portal specific bulletins. Starting immediately, we will begin utilizing a single bulletin template for all electronic data interchange and Portal notifications for our clients rather than a specific bulletin for each target audience. (i.e. EDI and Portal). The PTL-series bulletins will be replaced with TCC bulletins.  We will continue to send targeted messages to these client groups directly as necessary.

Please note there is no change to the EDI hotline phone number 1-888-957-7224 (option 1 for EDI transactions / option 2 for Technical Portal Assistance).