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Chassis Management Improvements One Way to Ease Port Congestion, FMC Hears

Posted November 03, 2014

Under Economic Issues, Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(STR Trade Report)

Federal Maritime Commission officials engaged in an ongoing review of what FMC Chairman Mario Cordero has called “massive and widespread” congestion at U.S. seaports have heard that improved chassis management is one of the steps that can help ameliorate the situation. The FMC expects to develop a more detailed understanding of port congestion issues and potential solutions following a series of forums it is conducting around the country.

Cordero recently told a meeting of the Maritime Administrative Bar Association that the unavailability of chassis has become a “significant cause of congestion” at U.S. ports and inland locations. He noted that ocean carriers serving Los Angeles-Long Beach, New York-New Jersey, Baltimore and other ports have been withdrawing from the business of providing chassis as a part of their services and that instead truckers are now often made responsible for bringing a chassis with them before they get to the port facility. Cordero suggested that ports may have to get directly involved to “address this critical problem,” noting that the Port of Long Beach Harbor Commission recently voted to develop plans for purchasing and providing truck chassis to relieve congestion during peak periods. Read more here.

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