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China-US Cyber Security Cooperation Back on Track after Disputes

Posted December 04, 2014

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues


The forum has come at a pertinent time, to set China and US cooperation on cybersecurity back on track after disputes this year chilled relations.

In May, the U.S. Justice Department charged five Chinese military personnel with hacking U.S. companies to steal trade secrets. The Chinese Foreign Ministry rejected the charges, urging the US to drop what it called “groundless” accusations.

The Ministry said the Chinese government, army and staff in related areas have never been involved in such activities. Data released later by China’s top cyber-security agency showed nearly 11 million computers on the Chinese mainland were infected and controlled by overseas servers in 2013 and US hackers accounted for over 30 percent of the attacks... In early October, accusations were again levied at China. Read more here.