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China Vows to Step up GM Food Research, Stop Imports from Flooding Market

Posted February 04, 2015

(Mandy Zuo – South China Morning Post)

China yesterday vowed to spearhead research into genetically modified food, with its top agricultural policymaker insisting that imports should not dominate the domestic market. But one green group said the public should have a bigger say in monitoring developments in the technology.

Han Jun , deputy director of the Office of the Rural Work Leading Group under the Communist Party’s Central Committee, said that even though China still trailed developed countries in research into GM organisms – the source of GM foods – it had international-standard safety measures in place and led the world in the study of GM rice and corn.

“As a big country, one thing for sure is that China can’t let its market for genetically modified organisms be occupied solely by foreign products,” Han said yesterday, two days after the party and the central government released the country’s policy blueprint for the year. Click here to read more.