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CN Derailment Shows New Safety Standards Inadequate, Watchdog Says

Posted February 24, 2015

Under Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Paola Loriggio – Globe & Mail)

An investigation into the recent derailment in Ontario of a freight train carrying crude oil suggests new safety standards introduced after the Lac-Megantic, Que., tragedy are inadequate, Canada’s transport investigator said Monday.

The tank cars involved in the Feb. 14 CN train derailment about 80 kilometres south of Timmins met the recently upgraded standards for new tank cars carrying crude and other flammable liquids, the Transportation Safety Board said in its preliminary findings. But the cars – called Class 111 – still “performed similarly” to those involved in the devastating derailment and explosion in Lac-Megantic two years ago, which predated the changes, the board said.

In both cases, the board said, the tank cars ruptured and released crude oil, which fed the flames.

The agency said this month’s incident, which affected passenger rail service between Toronto and Winnipeg, “demonstrates the inadequacy” of the new standards. Click here to read more.