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Commerce Initiates Antidumping Duty Investigation of Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous Imports From Canada

(American Journal of Transportation)

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced the initiation of a new antidumping duty (AD) investigation to determine whether sodium sulfate anhydrous from Canada is being dumped in the United States.

This antidumping investigation was initiated based on a petition filed by Cooper Natural Resources, Inc. (Fort Worth, TX), Elementis Global LLC (East Windsor, NJ), and Searles Valley Minerals, Inc. (Overland Park, KS) on March 28, 2019.

The alleged dumping margins for Canada range from 43.37 to 170.08 percent.

If Commerce makes an affirmative finding in this investigation, and if the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) determines that dumped U.S. imports of sodium sulfate anhydrous from Canada are causing injury to the U.S. industry, Commerce will impose duties on those imports in the amount of dumping found to exist.

In 2018, imports of sodium sulfate anhydrous from Canada were valued at an estimated $5.7 million. Click here to read more.