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Cornyn to Take on Free Trade, Patent Trolls in “Productive” Senate

Posted April 30, 2015

Under International Trade Issues

(Michael Marks – Dallas Morning Herald)

Since the Senate finally passed his human trafficking bill last week, Sen. John Cornyn said he’s “very optimistic” about the upper chamber’s “burst of productivity” in the 114th Congress.[...]

Cornyn said he hopes the Senate will also take up a pet issue of his: patent reform. Today he introduced a bipartisan bill to fight patent trolls, who file frivolous patent infringement lawsuits in hopes of collecting a quick and sizable settlement.

“[Patent trolls] are going after…anybody they can target and shake down for settlements in damaging patent litigation,” Cornyn said. “The cost of having defend yourself, even against a frivolous case…sets them back considerably.” Click here to read more.