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Court Enjoins Overtime Rule Change, ATA Applauds Action

(David Cullen – HDT Truckinginfo)

A federal judge has halted changes to federal overtime rules that would have taken effect on Dec. 1. Judge Amos Mazzant of the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Texas issued a preliminary injunction on Nov. 22 in a lawsuit brought by the National Retailer Federation along with Attorneys General of 21 states and over 50 business lobbies.

The plaintiffs contend the rule changes are unlawful. The ruling is temporary in that it puts the new rules on hold until the court reaches a final decision.

“We are pleased that Judge Mazzant has enjoined the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule, which set an arbitrarily high salary threshold for employees covered by the ‘white collar’ exemption to the overtime requirements of federal law,” said American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear in a statement. Click here to read more.