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CSMS# 14-000510 – Single Entry for Multiple Rail Cars Entering the U.S. on a Single Train

(U.S. CBP)

Rail carriers have recently requested advice on filing a single entry for multiple rail cars entering the U.S. on a single train. Guidance to the field on entry processing for multiple rail cars was distributed on July 1, 2014.

19 CFR 141.51 states “all merchandise arriving on one conveyance and consigned to one consignee must be included on one entry”. The consignee can be either nominal or ultimate. A single conveyance for this matter is a single train and all its associated cars, containers, or other shipping devices filed using one manifest (consist) in ACE. The entry can include one or multiple harmonized tariff numbers, one or more manufacture identification numbers, and one or multiple countries of origin.

A unit train is described as a single conveyance where all of the cargo on the train is the same, bound for the same destination. In order to file a single entry for multiple cars, containers, or other shipping devices, the train does not have to be a unit train. Multi-Modal Manifest in ACE (ACE M1) is designed to allow a single entry to be filed for multiple rail cars, containers, or other shipping devices regardless of what other commodities and/or bills may be manifested and entered.

For any questions concerning this topic, please contact Branch Chief Quintin Clarke, Cargo Security and Controls, at (202) 344-2524.