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Deployment of Statements to ACE

Posted January 03, 2018

Under U.S. Customs Issues

(U.S. Customs & Border Protection)

On January 6, 2018, CBP will deliver ACE Deployment G, Release 3B. At this point, ACE will become the system of record for all statements with the exception of Reconciliation statements. CBP will deliver Statements for Reconciliations as part of ACE Deployment G, Release 4 on February 24, 2018.

No later than January 13, 2018, CBP will deploy ACE Statements reports with the Statements universe, which replaces the Account Revenue universe. The new ACE Statements reports will be available under the Statements tab found in the applicable trade account workspace. In addition, two existing “quickview” reports for brokers and importers (AR-007) will remain available in ACE.

CBP will work with filers to address any issues related to this deployment of Statements in ACE, and will provide support as necessary.

Deployment G, Release 3B Support Calls:

The Trade Transformation Office (TTO) will host a daily call from January 8 to January 12, 2:00PM ET to 3:00PM ET to answer questions related to the January 6th deployment of Statements capabilities in ACE. TTO will start the call with a short deployment status followed by an open question and answer session.

Conference Line: (877) 336-1828 / PC: 6124214

Deployment G Resources:

More information may be found in the Information Notices posted to at the links below.