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Details of Interprovincial Free Trade Deal Won’t be Public for Months

Posted August 02, 2016

Under Economic Issues, Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Janyce McGregor – CBC News)

It could be months before Canadians learn what’s really in — and more importantly, out of — the interprovincial free trade deal Canada’s premiers announced in Whitehorse last Friday.

Not only is the Canada Free Trade Agreement not finished, but at least one hard-fought-for section has to be temporary to avoid contradicting previously agreed-to international trade rules. [...]

The most important part of the agreement — the “negative list” of what goods and services are excluded — remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, inconsistent regulations across provinces for everything from corporate registration to transportation safety remain. The agreement doesn’t actually fix those, but provides a “mechanism to harmonize and reconcile” specific rules. Click here to read more.

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