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Diesel Prices Hit Highest Level Since 2014

(Steven Martinez – Heavy Duty Trucking)

If fuel prices have seemed higher at the pump than normal, you’re not imagining things. The average price of a gallon of diesel fuel in the U.S. hit more than $3.15 last week, and in many parts of the country it is much higher than that.

The price of diesel fuel has been steadily increasing for the past six weeks — up 18.5 cents since March 19. There has also been a long-term trend toward higher prices since they bottomed out at under $2 per gallon in February 2016. In just the last year, the average price has jumped more than 57 cents per gallon.

Prices in all parts of the U.S increased last week, with California having the highest diesel prices by far at $3.834 per gallon. The lowest prices in the country were found in the Gulf Coast region at $2.946 per gallon. Click here to read more.