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Driving Daimler’s $80-million SuperTruck

(James Menzies – Truck News)

I felt a pang of trepidation as the Daimler engineer relinquished to me the driver’s seat. On one hand, it was like any other well-appointed Freightliner; the familiar DT12 automated transmission, the fancy Bose Ride System seats and all the frequently used switches where you’d expect to find them on the dash.

On the other hand, I was acutely aware I was about to drive Daimler’s SuperTruck – an $80-million collaboration cost-shared by Daimler and the US Department of Energy. [...]

Daimler was one of several North American truck and engine OEMs to receive DoE funding to develop a SuperTruck, and the first to complete its project. The original goal was to improve freight efficiency – as measured in tonne miles per gallon of fuel consumed – by 50% and to improve brake thermal efficiency from the current standard of about 42%, to 50%. Click here to read more.