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EU to Impose Anti-dumping Duties on Electrical Steel Imports

Posted April 30, 2015

Under EU Customs Issues, International Trade Issues

(Business Times)

The European Union will impose anti-dumping duties next month on imports of a grade of electrical steel from five countries, according to sources familiar with a European Commission proposal.

The Commission plans to set tariffs of between 21.6 per cent for Russian imports and 35.9 per cent for Japanese imports of grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) following a complaint lodged in June 2014 by the European steel producers association, Eurofer.

Duties will also cover imports from China (28.7 per cent), the United States (22 per cent) and Korea (22.8 per cent).

The Commission will present its proposal to EU member states this week and by May 14 will put in place the duties, which are provisional pending the outcome of an investigation due to end in November. Normally such duties would then continue for five years. Click here to read more.