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European Commission Proposed Amendments to ENS Filing Need Clarification

(Hellenic Shipping News)

The European Commission has been working to rewrite the European Union’s advance cargo data reporting requirements for quite a while, and is now in the final stages of completing its proposal as part of the implementation of the used Union Customs Code (UCC).

Of the many changes for containerized maritime commerce being proposed by the Commission, two are of particular significance. One is the proposal to require non-vessel operating common carriers/freight forwarders (NVOCCs) to file entry summary declarations (ENS) just as ocean carriers do today.

ENS filings must be made to the European Customs office of first entry 24 hours before a container is loaded onto a ship for transport to the EU in deep sea traffic. The Commission’s failure to include NVOCCs in its “24 hour rule” in 2006 has always been an obvious shortcoming. WSC has no objection to the logical proposal to fix that. Click here to read more.