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EU’s Hard Brexit is Going to Hurt — A Lot

(David M. Herszenhorn – Politico)

The EU is planning hard for a no-deal Brexit — and especially to make sure that if everyone goes over the cliff, the U.K. will land hardest of all.

The European Commission on Wednesday is set to approve a series of legislative initiatives to avoid the most disastrous outcomes of a no-deal scenario. It has described the preparations as “a limited number of contingency measures to mitigate significant disruptions in some narrowly defined areas.”

But while the EU’s disaster planning is intended to avert all-out catastrophe in the days immediately following Britain’s crash-out on March 29, Brussels also wants to be clear that its contingency operations won't make no-deal a walk in the park. It will neither allow the U.K. to continue enjoying the benefits of EU membership, nor will it replicate the soft landing of the 21-month stand-in-place transition period envisioned in the draft Withdrawal Treaty agreed last month.

Generally speaking, contingency measures are expected to expire at the end of 2019 — giving the U.K. nine months to try to replicate the regulatory and policy infrastructure assembled over its more than 40 years in the EU.

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