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Everything You Need to Know About Free Trade This Election Cycle

Posted September 14, 2016

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Chris Matthews – Fortune)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is on life support, and as President Barack Obama readies a long-shot push to get the free-trade deal through Congress this fall, he may be virtually the last elected official in Washington who hasn’t given it up for dead.

Hillary Clinton—who once lauded the deal as the “gold standard” of trade agreements—has spent months trying to convince nervous progressives that she has no intention of supporting the 14-nation pact once she gets in office. (For more, see here.) And Donald Trump—the nominee of a Republican Party whose support of free trade was once more reliable than clockwork—has been ­calling the pact “a rape of our country.”

The agreement’s moribund condition is a far cry from where it was just last year, when it seemed that passing the TPP was the only thing Obama and congressional Republicans could agree on. Then Washington was rocked by the populist campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, which brought with them 20 years of pent-up anger over sagging wages, rising income inequality, and suspicions of corporate political cronyism. Click here to read more.

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