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FDA Updates Food Facility Registration Product Categories

Posted September 30, 2016

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(National Law Review)

On September 26, 2016, FDA issued guidance updating the food product categories that companies can select when registering with the agency.  Updates include:

  • Acidified foods and low acid canned foods are no longer listed as food product categories because they are now activity types
  • Additions to animal food categories of botanicals and herbs, direct fed microbials, animal protein products, forage products, human food by-products not otherwise listed and technical additives (The “animal protein products” category replaces the previous “animal derived products” category, and the “processed animal waste products” category replaces the “recycled animal waste products” category.)
  • Molluscan shellfish is now a food product category (previously, molluscan shellfish establishment was listed among the optional activity types)

The updated guidance explains that food companies will be required to select appropriate food product categories from the updated categories during the October – December 2016 registration renewal period. Click here to read more.

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