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Florida Farmers Push for More Protection as Trump Looks to Get NAFTA Rewrite Approved

(Zac Anderson – Sarasota Herald Tribune)

Manatee County, Fla., tomato farmer Gary Reeder says he has seen the county’s tomato industry “basically cut in half” during his lifetime.

Reeder is a fourth-generation tomato grower. The company he works for, West Coast Tomato LLC, has held on and still has two farms in Manatee County and two in Hendry County, but Reeder says Florida tomato farmers struggle to compete with their counterparts in Mexico.

It’s the same story for fruit and vegetable growers across the state, many of whom bristle at what they view as unfair competition from Mexico. Florida farmers have been sharply critical of NAFTA, and they aren’t happy with the rewrite that has been negotiated by President Donald Trump’s administration. Click here to read more.