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FMCSA Denies OOIDA Request to Exempt Carriers From ELD Mandate

(James Jaillet – Commercial Carrier Journal)

A petition to the U.S. DOT asking for a reprieve from ELD compliance for small carries with clean safety records has been denied, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association announced Tuesday.

OOIDA filed the exemption request last November, less than a month before the deadline by which drivers were required to begin using an electronic logging device. The association requested that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration allow small businesses, defined as those with less than $27.5 million in annual revenue, to continue using paper logs for to record duty status if they had no at-fault crashes and did not have a safety rating of Unsatisfactory.

FMCSA has not yet published its decision in the Federal Register, which could more detail as to why the agency denied OOIDA’s petition. Click here to read more.