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FMCSA Looking at How it Defines Personal Conveyance

(David Cullen – HDT Truckinginfo)

With the electronic log rule now in effect, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is considering revising a much older but related regulation. Per an announcement published in the Federal Register for Dec. 19, the agency is proposing to revise its regulatory guidance on commercial-vehicle drivers legally using trucks as “personal conveyance” while off duty.

FMCSA noted it is seeking public comment on this guidance and its economic impact for a 30-day period ending on Jan. 18.

At this point, the agency said it is considering only a narrow change in its guidance on personal conveyance. FMCSA stated it now wants to “focus on the reason the driver is operating a CMV while off duty, without regard to whether the CMV is or is not laden.” Click here to read more.

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