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Food Fight: 3 Ways to Make a Dispute at the WTO into an Opportunity for Food Security

Posted December 03, 2014

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Gawain Kripke – Oxfam America)

Can WTO rules that prevent excessive agriculture subsidies be transformed to fight hunger?

The World Trade Organization survived last month “the most serious crisis the WTO has ever faced,” as it was described by the head of the WTO. The crisis was a dispute between the United States and India that says a lot about hunger and the current state of trade debates.

In 2013, India enacted an historic new food security law, which gives legal rights to more than 800 million people to secure low-cost food. To support this, the government runs a large food procurement and stockholding program for food staples. The new law is an expansion of existing programs to reduce hunger and malnutrition in India, which are already among the biggest and most comprehensive in the world. Read more here.