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Forwarders Confident Modi Government will Relieve India’s Supply Chain Headaches

(Gavin van Marle – The Loadstar)

A change of government in India has brought about a new sense of optimism among Indian freight forwarders that finally means the logistics headaches brought about by creaking infrastructure and burdensome bureaucracy might begin to be resolved.

Following the election of Narendra Modi last May, when his BJP party won an outright majority in Parliament for the first time since 1984, Indian forwarders interviewed at the WAC conference in Hong Kong this week were adamant that long overdue reforms would be enacted.

“This time the government has an overwhelming majority in parliament – they are getting things done because they realise how much potential the country has, but if can’t achieve it without business being able to reduce the costs,” SL Sharma, president of the Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI), told The Loadstar. Click here to read more.