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Forwarders ‘to Blame for Air Freight Delays’

(Will Waters – Lloyd’s Loading List)

Forwarders are the real cause of air freight’s failure to improve its overall transit speed during the last 30 years, delegates and speakers claimed at last week’s Air Cargo Handling Conference in Milan, with attempts to cut 48 hours from the average transit time pointless if freight forwarders continue to sit on cargo for several days.

David Ambridge, Director of Cargo Operations in Asia & Africa at Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) and a member of IATA’s Cargo Operations Advisory Group (COAG), said he believed COAG had achieved everything that IATA and its Cargo Committee had asked it to do in the two years since its formation.

“What we have been trying to do over the last two years is to reduce complexity, because this is at its heart a simple business,” Ambridge said. Read more here.