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Giants of the Seas: Planning for the World’s Largest Container Ships

(Hristina Stefanova – Quintiq)

It’s longer than four football pitches, it’s magnificent, and it docked in Britain for the first time more than 3 weeks ago before continuing its maiden voyage to Rotterdam and Hamburg. It is the CSCL Globe and it was, for a short while, the world’s largest container ship with a capacity of 19,100 TEUs. It was overshadowed on January 8, 2015 by the MSC Oscar which boasts a capacity of 19,224 TEUs.

Container ships seem to be getting larger and larger. The CSCL Globe, Triple-E and Oscar are more than three times bigger than the typical 6,000-TEU vessel from 20 years ago. Does this rapid development mean ships will continue to get larger? Perhaps not, as there is a limit to how big a ship can get. The limitations are determined by the size and depth of the major global harbors, by how tidal waves will be impacted by the arrival of such huge vessels, and by the architecture of the world’s trade arteries – the Suez and Panama canals. Click here to read more.