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GOP Surrendering Power on Free Trade

Posted February 20, 2015

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Patrick J. Buchanan – Asbury Park Press)

“Free trade results in giving our money, our manufactures, and our markets to other nations,” warned the Republican Senator from Ohio and future President William McKinley in 1892.

“Thank God I am not a free-trader,” echoed the rising Empire State Republican and future President Theodore Roosevelt.

Those were the voices of a Republican Party that believed in prospering America first.

For a quarter century, however, the party of the Bushes has been a globalist, New World Order party, and fanatically free trade.

It signed on to NAFTA, GATT, the World Trade Organization, most-favored-nation status for China, CAFTA and KORUS, the U.S.-Korean trade treaty negotiated by Barack Obama. Click here to read more.