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Groundbreaking Drayage Reform Taking Shape at Port Metro Vancouver

(Peter Tirschwell – JOC)

Port Metro Vancouver said it’s on track to deliver on far-reaching reforms that ended a trucker strike that crippled Canada’s largest port for a month in March. The reforms, which will be in place by early next year, include government-imposed pricing for all drayage moves including between off-dock sites, a reduction in the number of licensed port drivers, a port-wide appointment system and creation of a “drayage czar” with powers to ensure the system stays on an even keel. Taken together, it is the most ambitious effort by any port in the world to stabilize port trucking, fixing what had been “a structurally flawed marketplace,” for port trucking at the port, said Port Metro Vancouver CEO Robin Silvester.

“We are creating a drayage system that is the most sophisticated and structurally stable in North America if not the world,” Silvester said in an interview with at the COSCO-organized World Shipping (China) Summit in Chongqing. “We’re not pleased with what happened in March, but pleased with where we’re ending up now. We’re breaking new ground.” Read more here.