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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Both Slam Free Trade; Millennials Beg to Differ

Posted August 02, 2016

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Luke Brinker – Mic Network)

With Democrats and Republicans riven by bitter disagreements on virtually every major public policy issue, it would seem there’s no area where the two parties aren’t sharply polarized.

There’s one glaring exception. On free trade, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump eschew traditional economic orthodoxy, opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and floating the renegotiation of existing pacts like the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The bipartisan skepticism of free trade gives short shrift to the views of a rising segment of the American electorate — millennials, whose technological savvy, occupational dexterity and international social networks reflect their coming of age in the era of globalization. Click here to read more.