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Hooray for the Provincial ‘Free-Trade Deal’ That Isn’t ‘Free,’ Isn’t a ‘Deal,’ and is Still Secret

Posted July 28, 2016

Under Economic Issues

(Kevin Libin – Financial Post)

How could anyone not be excited about the new free-trade deal among the provinces? Well, perhaps it’s not accurate to call it a “free-trade” deal — even though the provinces insist on calling it that — since the premiers and territorial leaders who announced it Friday intend to carve out protections for their favourite rent-seekers and pet industries.

Nor is it quite a “deal,” either. So far, all the premiers have agreed to is a concept, in principle, to draft a proposal that would automatically eliminate trade barriers for goods and services that aren’t politically fraught. Its details won’t be disclosed till later, after review by the provinces, and they may or may not eventually ratify it, but even if they do, it will likely be totally unenforceable. Click here to read more.