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How Repealing Net Neutrality in U.S. Could Hurt Canadian Pocketbooks

(Kate Bueckert – CBC News)

Canada has policies in place to ensure the internet is equal for everyone, but if the U.S. goes ahead with rolling back what’s called “net neutrality” in that country, it could cost Canadians — literally.

This week, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chief Ajit Pai said the commission will vote on Dec. 14 on whether or not to rescind net neutrality rules.

The rules were brought in under former U.S. president Barack Obama’s administration in 2015 and are supported by major tech companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Repealing net neutrality could open up the doors to allow U.S. service providers to “carve up the internet and serve it to you in packages,” Laura Tribe, executive director of the digital rights advocacy group Open Media in Ottawa, told CBC. Click here to read more.