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How Trudeau Can Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Trump

Posted November 29, 2016

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Michael Petrou – Foreign Policy)

When the final U.S. election results rolled in early in the morning of Nov. 9, many Canadians were left worrying about what President-elect Donald Trump could mean for the future of their country — perhaps none more than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The two leaders could not be more different. Trump, known for his mean-spirited tweets, misogynistic comments, and skepticism of climate change, has grabbed global headlines with his collection of anti-immigrant positions like building a wall on the Mexican border, temporarily banning Muslims from entering the United States, and deporting millions of immigrants who live illegally in the country. In stark contrast, Trudeau, a self-proclaimed feminist who is famous for shirtless photographs, celebrates Canada’s ethnic diversity at every turn, including personally welcoming some of the 30,000 Syrian refugees his country has accepted since late 2015.

And beyond the massive divergence in worldview and personality between the two North American leaders, a Trump presidency is likely to undermine much of Trudeau’s own platform at home. Click here to read more.