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How President Trump’s Trade War Finally Broke Gary Cohn

Posted March 07, 2018

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

Ben White – Politico)

Wall Street is losing its main man in the White House.

Gary Cohn, the hard-charging former Goldman Sachs president who eased market fears about President Donald Trump’s erratic presidency, said Tuesday he would leave in the coming weeks after losing a bruising internal battle over trade.

Cohn, a New York Democrat and avowed free-trader, tried desperately to persuade Trump not to impose sweeping tariffs on steel and aluminum, arguing they would kick off a global trade war that could damage the U.S. economy.

Trump so far has ignored Cohn’s advice, siding with nationalist advisers who strongly favor the tariffs. A meeting planned for Thursday at the White House with executives from companies that could be hurt by tariffs has now been canceled. Click here to read more.