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In China, Suspicions Cloud Trade Dispute Involving Tech Companies

Posted March 02, 2015

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Jane Perlez & Paul Mozur – New York Times)

At an elegant guesthouse here recently, China’s top Internet regulator entertained ambassadors and diplomats with platters of tempura and roast on a spit, unusual lavishness in an era of official austerity in China, to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

But the graciousness came with a warning: Foreign companies had to behave if they wanted to stay in China’s $450 billion technology market.

In Washington on the same day, more than two dozen American tech industry executives and trade association officials gathered at an emergency meeting at the pre-Civil War building of the Office of the United States Trade Representative. They told the deputy trade representative that it was time for the United States to get tough with Beijing.

The stern words at the dueling gatherings underscored how a routine trade disagreement had quickly escalated into a complex political fight. On Friday, the battle lines became even more clear, when a top United States official criticized China for the new regulations on American tech companies. Click here to read more.