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Infrastructure Investment Vital to U.S. Manufacturing Growth

(Kathy Mazzarella – Journal of Commerce)

Over the last several years, companies have made news for shifting all or part of their manufacturing production back to the United States, a process known as reshoring. This is a positive trend that offers real advantages to many manufacturers and to the U.S. economy as a whole. Although many factors influence the choices companies make, I believe infrastructure is an often-overlooked factor in sustaining the shift toward U.S.-based manufacturing.

From transportation to communications and technology infrastructure, investments in building, maintaining and upgrading the systems that keep our economy moving are vital to long-term success.

The U.S. has immense freight transportation capacity and the most extensive physical infrastructure in the world — more than 4 million miles of public roads, more than 95,000 miles of freight railroad and 5,100 public use airports. Click here to read more.