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Internet of Things Will Reshape Global Trade

(Karen Reddington – Enterprise Innovation)

Today’s supply chains form the arteries and veins that keep global trade alive, connecting a largely borderless, always-on world economy.

New innovations offer disruptive possibilities for the future of global trade. It’s easy to hypothesize that Star Trek-style teleportation, drones, 3-D printing, and space logistics, will change trading. But the biggest shift to the supply chain will see it digitally connected and becoming part of the Internet of Things.

Certain pieces of the supply chain are already connected so packages can be tracked and monitored. But in the future even more tiny embedded sensors will enable more pervasive tagging. There’ll be sophisticated two-way communication with shipments and the human management or other connected devices. This will provide an unprecedented level of visibility and control of critical information such as location, temperature, light exposure, humidity, barometric pressure or shock. Click here to read more.

Note: Dr. Reddington is the President, FedEx Express Asia Pacific