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Is There a Truck Driver Shortage or Not? ATA Says Research Paper Made ‘Critical Errors’

(Eric Miller – Transport Topics)

The chief economist for American Trucking Associations has criticized a research paper written by a university professor and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics official that questioned the severity of the truck driver shortage decried by many in the industry.

The 16-page research paper, which a top BLS official said does not represent the views of the agency, was published in BLS’ Monthly Labor Review, which the agency’s website describes as a journal in which BLS staff and the private sector offer research on fields including labor, the economy and more.

ATA estimates that the industry is short at least 50,000 drivers, and that number is expected to climb as older drivers retire. In the article, researchers said that while the truck-driving occupation is portrayed as being “beset” by high turnover and labor shortages, they believe the shortages are more “nuanced.” Click here to read more.