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It’s Time for a National Freight Policy

Posted November 10, 2014

Under Economic Issues, Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Transport Intelligence)

On average, the US moves more than 17bn tons or over $20 trillion worth of goods each year. But it is becoming increasingly clear that the US’s infrastructure is straining more and more under this tonnage. This year alone has seen port congestion, rail dwell times deteriorate and highways pressured with trucks transporting goods point to point – all resulting in delays.

Based on research conducted by the Brookings Institute and JP Morgan Chase, the biggest chunk of the $20 trillion in goods moved is from domestic trade between the 100 largest metropolitan areas ($6.3 trillion), followed by trade with other metropolitan areas ($4.2 trillion) and trade with non-metropolitan areas ($3.7 trillion). International trade represents a smaller amount ($1.9 trillion) and is dominated by four countries – China, Japan, Canada and Mexico. Read more here.