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John Deere Blames Carrier Alliances for ‘Unpleasant’ Supply Chain Headaches

(Gavin van Marle – The Loadstar)

Major shippers remain sceptical about the benefits conferred by the development of larger shipping alliances, delegates at this week’s TOC Container Supply China event in Singapore were told.

David Panjwani, global logistics director for US machinery manufacturer John Deere said that the emergence of four large east-west shipping alliances, combined with the introduction of larger vessels and deteriorating schedule reliability levels had caused a series of problems in the company’s supply chain that impacted its customers.

“Do the larger alliances and vessels cause more headaches for shippers? In a word, yes,” he said.

While lines have claimed that combining networks through alliances structures have led to a greater choice of port calls for shippers, Mr Panjwani argued that the net effect was longer service lead times. Click here to read more.