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Killing Free Trade Would Hurt U.S. Middle Class, Trudeau Tells Chicago Crowd

Posted February 08, 2018

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Jordan Press – Canadian Press)

President Donald Trump’s threat to tear up the North American free trade pact would cause economic suffering in the United States in a decision that would also be terrible politics, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told students in Chicago Wednesday.

Millions of American workers would be harmed, and their lives disrupted in the short-term through a thickening of the border and greater uncertainty, even if Canada and the United States can finalize a deal down the road, he said.

Trudeau said that Canadians are rightly nervous that NAFTA will be torn up — a repeated threat Trump has made over successive rounds of talks between Canada, the United States and Mexico — and what it would mean for jobs on both sides of the border. Click here to read more.