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West Coast Ports to Reopen after Weekend Shutdown

(Chris Woodyard – USA Today)

West Coast ports were expected to reopen to shipping Monday after a weekend shutdown that heightened labor tensions and hinted at the ongoing dispute’s potential to sap billions of dollars from the U.S. economy.

At the normally busy Port of Los Angeles, cranes sat idly perched over ships stacked high with containers during the weekend while other loaded vessels bobbed at anchor offshore. The terminal operators’ decision to shut down ship movements at 29 West Coast ports affected not only goods such as cars, clothing, building materials and electronics from Asia, but also American agricultural exports.

Even before the weekend, the Pacific Maritime Association, representing port terminal operators, said that a 14-week dockworker slowdown had choked cargo and ship movements. Though ship movements were at a standstill, the association said Sunday that yards in the five busiest ports – Seattle, Tacoma, Oakland, Los Angeles and Long Beach – were busy moving cargo off the docks. Click here to read more.

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